Jamie Jalil

Deputy Director

Jamie Jalil was a recently-laid-off single mother of three when a community outreach organization gave her “the greatest opportunity” she ever received. They helped her not only get back on her feet but start up her own daycare business. Forever grateful for that experience, Jamie strives to provide that same hand-up through her role at Be Filled of South Topeka.

Whether in the Be Filled lobby, at one of the events she organizes or anywhere else, anyone who spends time with Jamie will quickly observe her fun, playful nature and knack for being able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Her responsibilities at Be Filled include scheduling volunteers, planning corporate and community events and fundraisers and networking with other organizations. She also serves on the Greater Topeka Partnership Chamber. Jamie has run her daycare business for over 19 years and has a special connection with kids — “Children are my people,” she says.

A native of Hiawatha, Kansas, Jamie has called Topeka home for 25-plus years. She cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her husband, Juan, and their blended family of eight children and three grandchildren. When she’s not helping others, Jamie enjoys reading and traveling. She’d like her legacy to be the love she gives family and the care she shows everyone she meets.

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